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Jiu Jitsu / Muay Thai /MMA / Self Defense


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Burn up to 600 calories per hour with MMA Cardio kickbox
low introductory price $10 a month/limited space sign up now
Hey CCS MMA family Josh Stanley wins by KO over his opponent Alonso Rangel 36 seconds in the first round January 31st at SteelFist Fight Night! Congratulations JOSH!

Tyler Pierce before CCS MMA training
Here's CCS MMA's Tyler Pierce after training with us,  He lost close to 100 lbs & 40" off of his body in just several months.
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Price List

Class prices $20 drop in fee per day no membership/ Nova Uniao affiliate member $10 per day.

Class price deals $10 introductory price Womens Kardio Kickbox
                      $80 per month 12 month commitment*#
                      $100 per month 6 month commitment*#
                      $120  per month no commitment month to month*#
                      $100- punch pass card valid 90 days/11 classes

add Krav Maga additional $30 per month to above prices
#All prices include unlimited training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai /MMA striking,
Wrestling & MMA classes.

* requires 30 day notice to cancel

                     Krav Maga only $60 per month

Oct 5, 2013 World Masters Seniors IBJJf Jiu-Jitsu Championship
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2854 S Redwood Rd Suite C18
Salt Lake City Utah 84119

We are a Salt Lake City,  Utah Martial Arts school specializing in MMA and Muay Thai Kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Self Defense.

We are Salt Lake City,  Utah Muay Thai school, which are taught primarily by instructor David Suliafu and assistant instructor James Foster under 3 time world Muay Thai Champion Sakasem"The Punisher"Kanthawong.    

We are Salt Lake City, Utah Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Team Nova Uniao taught by instructor BJJ National Champion & Pan Am medalist David Suliafu under world reknowned, 4 time world BJJ Champion Gustavo Dantas, president of Nova Uniao USA. At team CCS Nova Uniao-Salt Lake City Utah Brazilian Jiu Jitsu  David will guide you through the subtleties of the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, as well as the prepare you for the mental toughness needed for BJJ or no gi tourneys & MMA.  

We are a Salt Lake City Utah MMA-Mixed Martial Arts Team that also focuses on the realistic self defense applications of MMA, as well as strategies for the cage.  At CCS Salt Lake City Utah MMA-Mixed Martial Arts Team Nova Uniao our focus is on MMA boxing & Muay Thai as well as wrestling takedowns & defenses as well as no gi grappling/submission wrestling which is taught by Ben Bott, and MMA conditioning drills incl. ground & pound. Here at Salt Lake City, Utah MMA Team Nova Uniao,  we train with the Gi & no Gi, so that you can compete in BJJ Gi and no Gi grappling tournaments, as well as MMA. 

Our Salt Lake City Utah Self Defense program contains excellent take down defenses, escapes from grabs and chokes.  The techniques of our Self Defense program are derrived from Dan Berry's Bihonte, JKD, Krav Maga,Thai elbows & knees, Gracie self defense & some traditional arts utilizing eye gouging, biting, groin strikes,head butts, strikes to takeout important limbs & other effective trapping/ self defensive measures to dismantle a much bigger opponent, not utilized in sport BJJ , MMA or Muay Thai.  The program combines these techniques with effective evasion & attention/awareness measures, that will help you survive an attack.

You will get a great work out regardless of your intent for joining us.  It doesn't matter what shape your in, only what shape you wish to achieve.  We have a friendly group of students & instructors that are very welcoming & helpful.  Come join us!

We are Salt Lake City Utah's  choice for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu,Muay Thai Kickboxing,MMA-mixed martial arts & Self Defense.  CCS Team Nova Uniao & Sakasem"The Punisher"Kanthawong- Muay Thai a fantastic combination.

Gracie Jiu Jitsu and MMA based groundfighting techniques are part of  CCS training. 

You will learn that all parts of your body can be used as a weapon, through Muay Thai!  Knees and elbows are vicious self defense tools.